Saturday, May 20, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Frank McTruck ink illustration - "Torchak - Elf Warrior", a tooled and carved leather drawing "Firefly" and a pen and ink painting - "Dancer"

A Frank McTruck pen & ink portion of a comic panel - "Torchak - Elf Warrior"


Frank McTruck comic book art 'Torchak'



 A Frank McTruck colored ink on carved and tooled leather painting - "Firefly"


Frank McTruck tooled leather art 'Firefly'


A Frank McTruck fine art pen and ink drawing- "Dancer"


Frank McTruck pen and ink art 'Dancer'


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Frank McTruck & FreeKluck 1981 Photo animated Gif and a 1981 animated Underground Comic "Bottem Doubt"

Frank McTruck and Winnipeg's "FreeKluck" Underground Comix group (1981)

Frank McTruck animated gif 'FreeKluck'
Frank McTruck - "The FreeKluck Five met on Monday evenings in the big victorian house that I rented on Maryland Street in the Wolseley neighborhood of Winnipeg. The apartments were partially furnished on the top two floors so We would go up to the top floor and work at the kitchen table. We could draw our comix for hours in privacy without distractions. I hung these Texas Chainsaw Massacre billboards on the walls of a large empty room and used it for a photo backdrop."

Frank McTruck and FreeKluck from "The FreeKluck Jam-pac" 5 mini-comic set - "Bottem Doubt" (1981)


Frank McTruck and FreeKluck animated comic 'Bottem Doubt'