Saturday, May 20, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Frank McTruck ink illustration - "Torchak - Elf Warrior", a tooled and carved leather drawing "Firefly" and a pen and ink painting - "Dancer"

A Frank McTruck pen & ink portion of a comic panel - "Torchak - Elf Warrior"


Frank McTruck comic book art 'Torchak'



 A Frank McTruck colored ink on carved and tooled leather painting - "Firefly"


Frank McTruck tooled leather art 'Firefly'


A Frank McTruck fine art pen and ink drawing- "Dancer"


Frank McTruck pen and ink art 'Dancer'


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Frank McTruck & FreeKluck 1981 Photo animated Gif and a 1981 animated Underground Comic "Bottem Doubt"

Frank McTruck and Winnipeg's "FreeKluck" Underground Comix group (1981)

Frank McTruck animated gif 'FreeKluck'

Frank McTruck - "The FreeKluck Five met on Monday evenings in a big Victorian house, that I had rented on Maryland Street, in the Wolseley neighborhood of Winnipeg. I had partially furnished the apartments on the top two floors, so we could go up to the third floor and draw our comics for hours in private without distractions. I hung these Texas Chainsaw Massacre billboards on the walls of a large empty room that we used as a photo backdrop. "The Winnipeg Jam-Pac", "Drunk Comix" and "40 Below Funnies" were created at the kitchen table on the top floor of 149 Maryland Street."

Frank McTruck studio - 149 Maryland Street, Winnipeg

Frank McTruck studio - 149 Maryland Street Winnipeg

Frank McTruck and FreeKluck from "The FreeKluck Jam-pac" 5 mini-comic set - "Bottem Doubt" (1981)


Frank McTruck and FreeKluck animated comic 'Bottem Doubt'